Rodent Control

Rodent Control

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We offer expertise in all rodent related issues. We take pride in helping our community resolve rodent issues related to the management of residential and commercial rat treatment. Rat issues can be resolved through our 4 Tier System.

  4 Tier System:

  1. Trapping: Lowers Initial Rat Population so a Monthly Service can be achieved.

  2. Exclusion: We find all possible Rat Entry Points and repair these, so Rats have no access to the inside.

  3. Clean-Out/Sanitization: We Remove Rat Droppings, Rat Nesting, and Sanitize For Viral/Bacterial Agents Which Also Removes Rat Scent Trails.

  4. Monthly Service: Rats reproduce quickly so a Monthly Rat Service is a must. This helps to keep the Rat population at bay.

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My home was Rat infested and I was in tears. I call SOS Rat Control and purchased their 4 Tier System. The Rats are kept at Bay and out of my house!!!

Thank You SOS!!

Jill Wallace 

Stay At Home Mom

I had a pest, so I sent an SOS! The Raccoons are Gone!

Thank You SOS!!

Masud Fodren

Salon Owner

Pigeons were all along the edges of my roof. SOS treated our edges with Bird Deterrent spikes and there are no more birds or their droppings!!

A Sincere Thank 

Ron Champlain

I had a snake problem and SOS snake-proofed my 1 Acre property. Now I have no snakes!!

Thanks SOS

Bud Jacobs

Proudly Serving Los Angeles and Ventura Counties. From the Mountains, Ocean, Desert, and Valley, Will Travel to Protect the Community, Property, and the Ecosystem!!