Animal Trapping Service

Animal Trapping Services

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Have a Rat problem? Have a Wildlife problem? Our vision of animal removal is humane. Years of experience goes into our techniques, geared to be environmentally and humanly aware. Please do not hesitate to call as some wildlife may harbor disease. You will not only benefit yourself, family, and your property, you will help in protecting your neighbors, neighborhood, and township. Trapping is the first line of defense/offense.



The Best way to keep critters from getting inside your property is by Exclusion! Exclusion is defined as closing up entry points Around, On-Top, Inside, and Underneath your home. Construction Gaps, Chewed Holes, Torn or Worn Screen Vents, Shingles Torn Off, Ripped Screen… and more are all examples of the Exclusion work we   may perform on your home.



Call Now For Sanitizing and Clean-Out!!

#1 Cleaning and Sanitizing the affected areas of your home removes scent trails animals leave for others to find there way back.

#2 Cleaning and Sanitizing will dramatically lessen your chance of being affected by any disease causing organism wether it be mild , medium, or severe.

#3 Cleaning and Sanitizing will lessen the chance of insect and micro-parasite invasion due to the presence of animal droppings.

CALL NOW!! 747-259-8410